Who makes my order?

Ploom is brought to life by a mother and daughter duo in Margate. 

Do you use real feathers or synthetic feathers?

Our products are currently made using ostrich feathers, although synthetic options will be available in the not too distant future.

How do I look after my feather finery?

Each product is lovingly handmade and, due to the nature of the fabric, needs to be handled with the utmost care. Feathers have a habit of shedding so avoid donning your boa top in blustery winds and keep it away from liquids. 

If your feathers appear to be a little flat, inject some life into them by hanging them away from other items and very gently zhuzhing them with your fingers.

Can I wash my boa top?

You can freshen up the fabric element of your top by gently wiping it with a warm, soapy sponge. Allow it to air dry by laying on a flat surface. If you get your feathers a little dirty, gently brush through them with a fine comb (a new toothbrush will do the job just as nicely). 

Some dry cleaners will perform a specialist steam clean on feathers.

Keep your Ploom in tip-top condition by storing in a garment bag.